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AX Series' Web GUI and Command Line Interfaces

As the old saying goes, everything is easy once you know how, so A10 engineers have made the AX Series family user interfaces easy to use and intuitive from the start.

Realizing not everyone prefers the same interface, A10 developed the Web GUI and CLI in tandem, allowing administrators to use either.

So What Does it Look Like?

Please watch LBDigest's independent video review of the Web GUI (left) by Tony Bourke, as he sets up a basic load balancing scenario.

Web-based Graphical User Interface

With the default HTTPS Web GUI we've mapped out a crisp and clean look, broken down into two modes, Monitor Mode and Config Mode. Each mode is a near mirror image in terms of layout. Generally speaking, as the names imply:

Of course, encrypted HTTPS is enabled by default for secure, encrypted administration.

Text-based Command Line Interface

Often a more direct method is the CLI, especially if used day in, day out. The CLI uses a common industry standard format, as such: